TGS: New Devil May Cry Announced

September 15, 2010

During the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom announced a new Devil May Cry title is in development. The game was listed as just "DMC" on the presentation screen and is considered a reboot for the series.

The game is being developed by Capcom USA in conjunction with Ninja Theory, creators of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword. Producer for the project is Alex Jones, based out of Capcom's San Mateo branch called CEI. Capcom Japan is overseeing the project.

"I'm very grateful and humbled to work with Capcom on such an important project," said Ninja Theory Creative Director Tameem Antoniades. "We hope to make a game even Dante would be proud of." Alex Jones, who was also in attendance, said it was too early to talk about release dates. No platforms were announced, this is a console game.


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